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Board Member Interest Application

Expression of Interest in Appointment to the Board of Trustees of the Hall County Library System

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Expression of Interest

Please share your personal expression of interest in serving on the Hall County Library Board. This may include reasons for wanting to serve on the board; what special areas of library service may interest you; what qualities, skills or interests will make you a good candidate for the Library Board; any concerns you may have about the library system and its place in the community; or any other pertinent information you may contribute to the Library Board.

I understand that serving on the Hall County Library Board of Trustees is a volunteer activity, and that it requires a commitment to serve a three year period. I understand that meetings generally occur every other month on the fourth Tuesday, though additional meetings may be called by the Board Chair, and that attendance at these meetings is essential to effective service and is required under state law. I agree that I will also participate in called committee meetings if assigned to a committee by the Chair, and that I will attend new member orientation.