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Expression of Interest in Appointment to the Board of Trustees of the Hall County Library System

Individuals who are interested in serving on the Board of Trustees of the Hall County Library System may contact Lisa MacKinney at 770-532-3311 ext. 134. Trustees are volunteers who represent and participate in governing the Hall County Library System and who are permanent residents of Hall County, Georgia. Library Board members govern under the direction of Georgia Public Library Law and the Constitution and Bylaws of the Hall County Library System.

Appointments to the Library Board are made by the government agency that regularly provides financial support to the library for its operation. The funding agency for Hall County Library System is the Hall County Commission.

Serving on the Library Board is a commitment for a three-year term. Trustees meet a minimum of four times per year. Meetings generally last one to two hours and are held at various library branches in the county. Trustees or Library Board members are assigned to committees that may meet several times during the year to complete assignments and reports. New trustees will attend an orientation to acquaint them with roles, responsibilities, and library law.

The Hall County Commission appoints trustees. Library Board members approve policy and hire the library system director to administer the day-to-day operations of the system.

Library Board members are representatives of their communities. Board members bring to the position a variety of expertise and job experiences. They may be suggested to the Board to provide balance and representation in the areas of geographical connection, demographic representation, vocational expertise, or other characteristics such as the parent of school-age children or a representative of the disabled community or of the retirement community.

When vacancies on the Board are anticipated, the Board of Trustees will review expressions of interest. The Board will identify the qualities and characteristics needed at that time in order for the Library Board to function effectively in the interest of the community. Names will be suggested to the Hall County Commission for appointment based on these qualities, characteristics, and interests.

Citizens are encouraged to submit a statement of interest. The Hall County Library Board and the Hall County Commission are seeking dedicated people who want to help the library system better serve the community.