The Friends of the Hall County Library System formed in February 1998 as a support group to the Hall County Library System.

The purpose of the organization is to maintain an association of persons interested in libraries with the following objectives:

  • to create support for an expanding library system program

  • to encourage gifts, endowments, and memorials for the library system

  • to provide financial assistance by purchasing special and unusual items for the library system which would be of great benefit but cannot be acquired due to a limited budget

  • to work for library legislation or appropriations

  • to intensify community awareness and use of library resources and services

  • to sponsor programs designed to add to the cultural and educational life of the community

  • to aid in informing the community about the library system's services and needs

Friends By-laws

Membership in Friends of the Hall County Library System is open to all persons interested in the library system.

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