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Got what it takes to craft a game-changing cover letter and resume? Join us for the first session in our FREE Professional Job Search Webinar Series. We’ll break down everything you need to know, including current resume trends, how to avoid common pitfalls in the application process, and much more! ​​​

<a href= Applying Online and succeeding in an Interview
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New to the online job search or looking to brush up on your skills? Not sure where to start with your interview prep—especially with everything moving online? Join us for the second session in our FREE Professional Job Search webinar series, where you’ll learn how to:

  • Give yourself an honest self-evaluation
  • Avoid “job catfishing”
  • Prepare for online vs. in-person interviews
  • Keep an eye on your digital footprint

ProfessionalJobSearch QandA WebinarY

Finding it hard to keep up with the changing job market in 2020? Join us for a special Professional Job Search Series Q&A session, where we’ll answer your most pressing questions about everything from online applications to resume building to the interview process, and more!