Use of Library Buildings

Approved by:
Board of Trustees




Revised Date:




Anyone may use any Hall County public library regardless of origin, age, background or opinions. Policies in the use of library facilities are established to ensure the public’s free access, to meet the needs of the majority of those persons to be served, for the safety of patrons and personnel, and for the protection and responsible use of library resources and facilities. Use may be limited by the funding available for operating a library service program.

Behavior that is inappropriate and disruptive to the use of the facilities by others will be addressed by library personnel and flagrant disregard of library policy may result in loss of library privileges or a trespass citation being issued. Any individual, regardless of age, who is unable to independently follow the Hall County Library System’s Public Conduct policy must be accompanied by a parent, guardian, or responsible caretaker age 15 or older.


For the safety of their children, parents may not leave children under age 11 unattended in the building. Children left unattended will be brought to their parent or guardian immediately.If a guardian cannot be located, the police will be contacted to insure the child’s safety.




For everyone’s safety and enjoyment of the library experience, adults should respect the boundaries of the children and youth service areas of library branches.Children’s and young adult rooms are reserved for children, their parents, guardians, teachers, caregivers, and people researching children’s literature.


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