Overdue, Lost, or Damaged Library Materials and Equipment

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Board of Trustees




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Patrons with outstanding obligations for overdue materials, fines, or other financial obligations to the library system will have library borrowing privileges revoked until the obligations are eliminated.

The minimum fine for overdue material is $.20/day. Fines for library materials will not exceed $5.00 per item. The fines and fees may be adjusted periodically by administrative staff as necessary. Patrons with 10 or more overdue items or with fines exceeding $10.00 may not borrow any items until the obligations are cleared. In the case of equipment the minimum fine is $10.00 per day.

The patron assigned the borrower card is responsible for all fines, fees and costs associated with the loan including all overdue fines or costs for replacing an item lost or for repairs made such as rebinding of books or replacing media storage cases if damaged.

For books, software or equipment lost or damaged beyond repair, patrons will be charged the current replacement costs plus a $5.00 nonrefundable processing fee. Replacement costs will be determined by the current price found in
the library’s marc (inventory) record for cost of library materials. Patrons should not attempt to repair items as this may cause additional damage. Donations of books (new or used) will not be accepted in lieu of the replacement fee.

Fines for items borrowed through the interlibrary loan network will be established by the lending library.

Failure to return borrowed library material is a misdemeanor under Georgia law and is punishable by fine and/or imprisonment. When a patron borrows from the library, he/she is given a printout with items borrowed and appropriate due dates or in the case of equipment, told by library staff. Patrons are responsible for returning or renewing in the appropriate timeframe. If items are not returned within 10 days after the due date, a reminder notice will be sent as a courtesy to the patron to the address as provided by the patron. 30 days after the due date another reminder notice will be sent. A billing notice will be mailed to the patron if the outstanding obligations are not paid by the sixth week after the due date.

After 60 days, the library system will refer the obligation to the Magistrate’s Court or to a collection agency. Any additional expenses for postage, filing fees, administrative fees, or other costs resulting from collection will be charged to the patron. Parents or legal guardians are responsible for items checked out by children under the age of 18. If a child loses or damages an item beyond repair, the parent or legal guardian is responsible for financial obligations of the child. A parent’s card will be restricted along with the child’s card until delinquent items are returned and obligations are eliminated.

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