Monetary Transactions with Patrons

Approved by:
Board of Trustees




Revised Date:





Any transaction with a patron for payment of fees, fines, purchases or other activity over $5.00 should generate a receipt for the patron. Receipts will be presented to all patrons when money exchanges occur. This will provide the patron with documentation of the exchange and its disposition for future reference and in the case of a dispute. The only history will be the receipt provided to the patron.


If a patron locates and returns a library item that was thought to be lost and was paid for, the library will issue a refund check to the patron upon the proof of payment within a year (365 days) of the transaction. The reimbursement will be for the cost of the item minus any overdue fines or charges that may be applicable at the time as well as any newly accumulated fines or charges on the patron record. The reimbursement check will be processed with the normal library bookkeeping cycle for payment of vendors.


Returned checks or credit charges shall be charged back to the patron’s account along with any applicable service charge fees.The patron’s account will be barred until full payment of the returned charges and applicable fees have been received by the library.


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