Access to Library Materials

Approved by:
Board of Trustees




Revised Date:



No public areas of the library are restricted to particular age groups for browsing and selecting materials. All library materials and equipment are provided on open shelves and through open display access. Authority for selection of appropriate information and reading materials resides with the individual and with the parent or legal guardian in guiding the selection of appropriate materials for children. Library staff members may make recommendations to subject and content of material; staff members may not make a judgment as to what is suitable for each individual.


Hall County Library System personnel will make every effort to assist all patrons in a fair and equitable manner. All procedures and policieswill be applied equitably to all patrons for the safety and security of library patrons, library personnel, and library resources and in order to provide best quality of library service possible. No individual or group, including library personnel, shall be entitled to special consideration or privileges other than those afforded to all other library patrons.


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