Work Week

Approved by:
Board of Trustees



Revised Date:

02/10/04 12/06/11

The official work week begins on Saturday and runs through Friday. Employees in all departments will be expected to share in staffing the library during all hours the library is open including evenings and weekends.

Full-time employees are defined as those working an average of twenty (20) hours or more per week. No employee will be scheduled for more than forty (40) hours per week. Full-time, hourly paid employees, who miss work because the library schedule has changed may have those hours re-scheduled in order to work the number of hours for which they have been employed to work.

Part-time employees shall work no more than an average of eighteen (18) hours per week. If a part-time employee is scheduled to work and he/she missed work because of illness or for other excused reasons or if the library is closed on a day when the employee normally is scheduled to work, the supervisor may re-schedule lost work hours up to eighteen (18). The schedule is adjusted at the convenience of the library operating schedule. Missed hours for part-time employees are not required to be re-scheduled.

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