Telephone Calls and Other Communications Activity

Approved by:
Board of Trustees



Revised Date:


Library telephone and data communication lines are intended for library business purposes only.

For efficiency in answering the phone and for emergency contact purposes, the employee’s supervisor should be notified when an employee is leaving and returning to a building outside the regular schedule.

Phone calls, texts, and other communications of a personal nature during working hours should be limited to emergency or very important circumstances only and shall not interfere with performance of job responsibilities or library service. Employees are responsible for advising family and other persons who might contact them at work about library communication policies. Calls, texts, and communications should be taken or conducted outside of public service areas.

Patrons who have emergency need for use of library telephones will be assisted by library staff members in dialing appropriate numbers, made under the supervision of library staff members, and patrons will be requested to complete calls as quickly as possible to leave library telephone lines available for business use.

Non-emergency personal calls to library personnel and patrons may be screened and information recorded for return calls to be made at a later date.

Personal long distance charges may not be made on library system phones.

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