Six Month Work Test Period

Approved by:
Board of Trustees

Revised Date:


The first six months of work for all employees, who are hired new to the Hall County Library System or who change job positions with the system, shall be a six month working test. During this time the employee will be closely monitored and evaluated by the employee’s supervisor as to meeting the job requirements set forth in the applicable job description. Strengths and weaknesses in performance will be documented.

An employee may be terminated with explanation during this period of time. Adequate termination notice to professional and management employees will be one month and two weeks for all other employees. No appeal is available for dismissal during the working test period. At the end of the six month working test, an employee will be given a review of performance evaluation, a permanent employment decision will be made, and future financial compensation may or may not be recommended.

Employees may elect to leave the employ of the library system at anytime during or at the conclusion of the working test period, without prejudice, after adequate notice is received by the system. Adequate notice will be one month for professional and management employees and two weeks for all other employees or less at the discretion of the library director.

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