Separation from Service

Approved by:
Board of Trustees

Revised Date:



All non-state paid employees and non-supervisory employees are expected to give a two week notice of resignation in writing. State-paid employees and supervisors will be required to give four weeks notice of resignation in writing. Benefits will accrue through the last working day. Required forms (separation notice, etc.) will be completed with the system bookkeeper on or before the employee’s last working day.

The final paycheck will include final hours worked plus any unused annual leave hours. The final paycheck will be issued or mailed when all library property (keys, etc.) is returned and when all obligations for resignation (completed separation notice, etc.) have been met.


If staff reduction becomes necessary, consideration will be based on seniority, classification of position, and staffing priorities for the system.

Employees who are separated from service because of reduction in force shall be given a minimum of two weeks notice or pay in lieu of notice or a combination of the two above the annual leave compensation for which the employee is entitled.

Employees separated due to reduction in force and who are re-employed within a 12 month period shall have their sick leave credits, at the time of separation, restored upon re-employment.

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