Military Leave

Approved by:
Board of Trustees

Revised Date:




An employee is entitled to have a leave of absence from his/her duties while engaged in the performance of ordered military duty and while going to and returning from such duty. All such leave must be documented with military orders.

During active service, the employee will be paid the difference between their normal base pay and total amount of military compensation for up to six months total in a 24-month period. The employee must provide proof of military salary in order to take advantage of transitional pay.

Health insurance benefits will cease at the time the leave of absence begins. It will be restored when the employee returns to work. Through payroll deductions, Hall County Library will continue to pay for family coverage for the month following 30 days of leave. The family is eligible for COBRA extension to continue current health coverage. All military personnel and family are eligible for coverage through CHAMPUS following 31 days service.

Long term disability coverage provided by the library system will be suspended at the start of military leave.

Annual personal leave accrual and sick leave accrual stops while on military leave but accrued sick and annual leave will remain intact.

If the employee’s active service does not exceed 5 years, they may return to their current job or equivalent job if the Hall County Library is notified within ninety (90) days following discharge from active service. Discharge information and documentation must be submitted. The returning employee shall be entitled to any increase in salary or any advancement in grade which would normally be accorded to the employee of the position with the exception of any increase or advancement in grade which would normally be dependent on meritorious performance.

The library system reserves the right to modify or discontinue the Military Leave Policy at any time should conditions makes this necessary.

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