Maternity Leave

Approved by:
Board of Trustees




Revised Date:

04/28/09 12/06/11


After six (6) months employment, any employee may take up to six (6) weeks maternity leave within the first year following the birth of their child, adoption or placement of a child in their home for foster care. It must be requested in writing from the library director. Accumulated sick leave is to be used first followed by annual leave. If the employee has exhausted his or her leave he or she may request to be granted leave-without-pay under Family Medical Leave but may not be out of work on maternity leave for more than three months total.

A female employee may work prior to the time of delivery as long as her pregnancy does not adversely affect her work performance. If her medical provider determines her pregnancy or health may be adversely affected by her job then a medical statement regarding her inability to work will be required.

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