Layoff and Recall

Approved by:
Board of Trustees




Date: 1/22/08

 A.      An employee may be laid off when it becomes necessary by reason of, but not limited to:

 1. shortage of funds;

 2. lack of work;

 3. the elimination of a position;

 4. material changes in job duties;

 5. change in organizational structure;

 6. any other reasons within the discretion of the library board.


B.      A layoff shall not be implemented in conflict with any State or Federal regulations or laws.


C.      Layoff

 1.       In the event of a reduction in work force, employees in the same classification and department affected shall be laid off in the following order:

 a.       Temporary employees;

 b.      Probationary employees;

 c.       Permanent employees.

 2.       In the event of a layoff, employees in the same classification and department with the highest values of the following factors as determined by the employer shall be retained:

 a.       Ability to do the work;

 b.      Qualifications to do the work;

 c.       Performance evaluation ratings.


 If these factors are relatively equal, the least senior employee in the same classification and department shall be laid off first.

 D.      Recall

 1.       Laid off employees shall be recalled to the same classification and department from which they were laid off in reverse order in which they were laid off, provided that the employees have not been laid off for more than twelve (12) consecutive months.

 2.       Laid off employee fails to respond within three (3) days of receiving a certified, return receipt requested letter addressed to the last known address on record  of the employee.

 3.       A laid off employee who is recalled or rehired shall not utilize or accrue vacation or sick leave benefits during the period laid off.

 4.       For purposes of vacation and sick leave accrual rates an employee recalled to any permanent position shall retain credit for prior service.

 E.       Furloughs

In the event the library system needs to furlough employees as a temporary measure to deal with a pending fund crises, it may offer employees by classification group to voluntarily take time off depending on the library systems needs.


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