Employee Lunch and Break Schedule

Approved by:
Board of Trustees

Revised Date:


An employee is entitled to one fifteen minute break for each 4 hours worked per day. Breaks must be scheduled and must be taken as time and service to the public permits. Breaks should be scheduled by the supervisor. Break time may not be taken in public areas of the building. Break time may not be used to shorten the length of the work day, lengthen a meal, add to accumulated leave time, or count as overtime if not taken at the designated time. Break time is a paid portion of the scheduled work time. Break time length shall be adhered to and abuse may be cause for disciplinary action.

Employees shall not abandon service to a patron in order to take a break or leave a secure or public area unattended. Co-workers should be advised when an employee is taking his/her break.

Meal periods are normally thirty (30) minutes long and provided to all employees that work at least five hours in a day. Scheduled meal periods may not be changed without authorization of the supervisor. Employees are not paid for meal periods.

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