Employee Assistance Program

Approved by:
Board of Trustees

Date: 2/24/09
  Revised: Date:9/20/11


It is the policy of the library board to support programs that will assist employees and their eligible dependents to resolve problems arising from emotional distress, some types of family conflict, and alcohol and drug abuse, recognizing that these problems may adversely affect an employee’s personal health and job performance. As such, all permanent full and part-time library staff members are offered the benefit of participation in an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) at no cost to the employee.

Employees’ current job and future advancement will not be jeopardized by using EAP services. EAP records will be maintained in a confidential manner. Supervisors and managers are responsible for confronting employees about unsatisfactory as well as acceptable but deteriorating performance, and referring employees to the EAP when appropriate. Employees are responsible for correcting unsatisfactory performance.

Employees may refer themselves to the EAP, in which case the library will have no knowledge of their use of this service. A supervisor may refer an employee to EAP for evaluation if the employee's work performance is inadequate or deficient, his or her behavior is aberrant or otherwise outside commonly accepted standards of conduct, or if there is reason to believe a threat of violence may exist. When giving an EAP referral, supervisors should first notify the Human Resources Department. Refusal by an employee to participate in the program will not incur reprisal. Appropriate disciplinary actions pertaining to any policy violation will still be given.

Employees attending EAP sessions based upon a referral made by a library supervisor may use work time to keep the appointments. Employees who are self-referring must use sick leave or annual leave as appropriate.

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