Disciplinary Action of Employee

Approved by:
Board of Trustees

Revised Date:







Action will be taken when an employee’s performance is unsatisfactory or when conduct is unacceptable. Nothing following is inclusive and the library system maintains its right to discipline or terminate an employee at will.

Examples of unsatisfactory behavior or unacceptable conduct include but are not limited to the following:

1.Abuse of leave;

2.Deficiencies in performance;

3.Frequent tardiness;


5.Alcohol/substance abuse;

6.Sexual harassment.

Possible actions that may be taken include - but are not limited to - written reprimand, referral to Employee Assistance Program,documented conference with supervisor, interim performance review, demotion, suspension with or without pay, interview with the Library Board, and dismissal.

The following are causes which may result in dismissal:

    1. Failure to fulfill work obligations and assignments;
    2. Discourteous treatment of the public or co-workers;
    3. Inefficiency, incompetence, or negligence in the performance of job responsibilities;
    4. Misuse or misappropriation of library supplies, materials, property, equipment, or funds;
    5. Refusal to carry out a reasonable or proper assignment from an appropriate supervisor;
    6. Conviction for commission of a misdemeanor;
    7. Engaging in activity that would adversely affect job performance;.
    8. Abuse of leave;
    9. Absence without leave.

The following will result in immediate dismissal:


    1. Gross misconduct that could bring contempt, ridicule, or public derision of the library system;
    2. Conviction for a felony;
    3. Publication or distribution of legally protected information from official or library system records;
    4. Falsified job information presented for employment;
    5. Willful damage or destruction of library system property;
    6. Willful acts on the job that endanger the lives of others or co-workers;
    7. Possession of firearms or lethal weapons on the job;
    8. Working while under the influence of alcohol and non-prescribed controlled substances;
    9. Possession of illegal substances on the job.

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