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               Hildreth A. Davis

The COVID-19 Series. Weaving Away the Year of COVID

 April 1 - May 31, 2021

Weaving is a supremely meditative activity. My weavings incorporate new threads for the warp and fibers prepared from old clothing and other textiles for the weft as well as various yarns and ribbons.

Preparing the fibers to create a weaving is a process that begins with dismantling. I gather the “raw” materials from thrift shops, friends, and family. The cloth is cut into narrow strips, joined together, and rolled into a ball.

Many weavers find warping the loom to be a tedious process; I find it enjoyable and warp my loom anew for each piece. Each wall hanging is “signed” with two tiny hearts – one for the receiver and one for the weaver.

I especially enjoy creating Weavings of Remembrance. These wall hangings are woven in honor of someone who has passed or a special relationship such as an anniversary or other important milestone. I request a few pieces of clothing and create a unique wall hanging woven with the fabric of their life.

The Covid-19 Series was born during the first shelter-at-home period in 2020. There are 19 wall hangings in the series.



I learned the rudiments of weaving while in graduate school at Appalachian State in Boone, NC. Seeking a creative outlet to refresh my spirit from hours of study and research, I first tried my hand at spinning and rapidly discovered that my energy was not “spinner material.” The process was painfully slow and what did I have to show for it? A ball of something unsuitable for either knitting or crochet, and besides I’m not a knitter either!

My loom is a Dorset-style four-shaft loom built in 2009 by spinning wheel and loom craftsman, Robert Elbe of Millers Creek, NC.

Weaving allows me to enjoy colors and textures and the creation of individual one-of-a-kind wall hangings. While I do weave other items such as small rugs, wall hangings are my favorite.




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