Provides addresses, sales information, executives, for over 11 million U.S. Now includes job listings.
ReferenceUSA: U.S. Businesses: Search more than 24 million private and public businesses for information on competition, business demographics, and target markets.

The Definitive Source of Business and Residential Reference Information for Library Patrons
This research and reference tool is the leading source for business and residential data. Serving a variety of quality information, ReferenceUSA helps users of all kinds search for jobs, find doctors, create marketing and small business plans, locate specific people and more.

High-Quality Information for Researchers of All Kinds
Small business owners and entrepreneurs can conduct market research, search for similar businesses in the area, find information on competitors, search for businesses to buy and much more.

Job seekers can access information on more than 24 million U.S. businesses, including 200,000 human resource contact names, to assist with their job search — company descriptions and website links to job postings are also provided.

New homeowners or those looking to purchase a home can research neighborhoods, including home values and median income of residents in the area, as well as locate nearby schools, churches, doctors, childcare facilities and more.

Students can access articles for research on businesses, including data summaries to profile a neighborhood, city or state by type of business, size of business or household median income, spending habits and growth of a business, as well as finding businesses of similar size and scope to compare to.

Enhanced Data Visualization
With ReferenceUSA, users can export relevant data in pie or bar charts. Users also have the ability to view data with color-coded heat mapping.

Information Provided for:

24 million U.S. businesses
1.5 million Canadian businesses
675,000 doctors and 180,000 dentists
50,000 new U.S. businesses (added weekly)
International companies and executives by title
89 million residents (U.S. Standard White Pages)
12 million households (Canadian White Pages)
235 million consumers
300,000 U.S. new movers and 100,000 new homeowners (added weekly)

Business Information Includes:
Company name
Phone number
Complete address
Key executive name
SIC Codes

Residential Information Includes:
Median household income
Median home value
Percentage of owner-occupied housing

ReferenceUSA's incredibly easy, yet extremely sophisticated search capabilities are stunning.
– Cheryl LaGuardia, Library Journal

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