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There may be some differences between the classes and the descriptions below, depending upon the instructor, the level of understanding of the students, and time constraints. All classes are free and open to the public.  

Discover 3D Printing

Students will...
• Visit
• Learn about the future of 3D printing 
• See the innovative Makerbot Replicator 3D printer in action

There's an App for That!

So many apps, so little time. Discover a variety of the best FREE Apple and Android apps. Please bring your tablet or smartphone, as well as any apps you'd like to share during class. If you don’t have a tablet or smartphone, you will still be able to watch an app demonstration.

Intro to Blogging

Students will... 
• Need to possess basic computer skills and knowledge.
• Understand the basics of blogging.
• Become familiar with the different types of blogging and blogging "genres."
• Learn how to connect with others who share like interests.

Computers 101 One-on-One

NEW! By appointment only.

Call the Murrayville Branch to make your reservation for a one-on-one session with a library staff member. You will receive one hour of personal instruction at the level you need. Get acquainted with computers or bring your skills up to the next level. Appointments will be made during regular library hours as staff is available. Call Murrayville Branch, 770-532-3311 ext.171 and reserve your one-hour session.

Intro to Computers

Students will...
• Become familiar with basic parts of a computer.
• Learn the parts of the Windows operating environment.
• Become comfortable with simple navigation through the environment.
• Become aware of the file structure of the Windows environment.
• Become less apprehensive about using a computer.

Basic Computers 2

Students will... 
• Be introduced to Microsoft Office Suite. 
• Be introduced to Internet Explorer. 
• Learn how to print.
• Learn how to use removable media for data storage.

Basic Computer Maintenance

Students will…
• Learn about hardware and software. 
• Find out the basics of caring for your computer.

Intro to Digital Cameras

Students will... 
• Need to bring their own cameras. 
• Learn basic camera operating functions. 
• Learn how to connect the camera to a computer.
• Learn how to download photos from the camera to the computer

Editing Digital Images

Students will…
• Learn how to crop images (photographs).
• Learn how to re-size images.
• Learn how to print images.

Intro to EBay

Students will... 
• Learn how to find an item.
• Learn how to view and evaluate listings.
• Learn how to easily bid and buy.
• Learn how to complete a purchase.

eBook Q&A

Have a question about using library eBooks? Drop by the Computer Lab during eBook Q&A and get your device all set up for FREE library eBooks.

Intro to Email

Students will... 

• Learn how to set up their own accounts.
• Be able to compose and send a message, as well as read, forward, and delete email.

Advanced Email

Students will…
• Need to have completed the Intro to Email class or already have a Yahoo email account set up.
• Learn how to set up and maintain address accounts.
• Learn how to set up folders and use filtering and attachments.

Excel I: Introduction

Students will...
• Be introduced to the layout of Excel 2016
• Learn Excel terminology
• Create an inventory spreadsheet
• Sort an inventory spreadsheet

Excel II: Introduction to Formulas and Functions

Students will...
• Be introduced to the available functions in Excel
• Understand the layout of a formula
• Get familiar with absolute and relative references
• Look at templates in Excel

Intro to Online Genealogy

Students will... 
• Learn how to access Heritage Quest and Ancestry Plus.
• Learn how to navigate census records, birth, death, and military records.
• Learn how to navigate in State Archive websites.

Google Drive

Students will... 
• Learn about the basics of “the Cloud”.
• Learn about the basics of Google Drive.
• Learn how to use Google Docs.
• Work with other Google features including Gmail. 

Intro to Google

Students will... 
• Learn about Google and other search engines.
• Learn how to search on Google using search, image search and News search.
• Work with Google maps, Gmail and IGoogle.
• Learn how to manage their accounts through the creation of folders, address books and other e-mail accessories.

Intro to the Internet

Students will... 
• Learn some of the history and structure of the Internet and World Wide Web.
• Become familiar with the Internet Explorer browser.
• Understand concept of hyperlinks.
• Learn how to do a simple search on the World Wide Web.
• Become familiar with some interesting websites.

Intro to iPhone

Bring your iPhone and join us!  Students will…
• Become familiar with the iPhone
• Learn functions on the iPhone device
• Learn how to share photos.

Using the Library Wisely

Students will... 
• Learn to navigate the library website.
• Learn to navigate the electronic catalog to find books, audios, DVDs, MP3s, and other materials.
• Learn how to use NetLibrary to download audiobooks.
• Use the library website to navigate sites on genealogy and community resources, access the job hotline, and manage your personal library account.
• Talk about upcoming library events and classes. 
• Learn to access Galileo, Digital Library of Georgia, Ancestry Plus, and Heritage Quest.

Open Lab

Students (who have taken other HCLS classes) will... 
• Work on their own in the lab.
• Review and practice what they have learned in computer classes. 
• Ask questions of staff.

Intro to PowerPoint

Students will... 
• Understand the basics of Microsoft (MS) PowerPoint.
• Learn how to set up a slideshow-based program.
• Learn how to incorporate fonts, animation, artwork+9k, sound, and different styles into their documents.

How to Write a Resumé

Students will learn…
• how a resumé is used
• the layout of a resumé
• the Do’s and Don’ts of resumé writing
• how potential employers use social media

Resume Workshop

Students will... 
• Learn the finer points of creating resumes and cover letters.
• Begin to create a resume or...
• Make adjustments to existing resumes. (Students are encouraged to bring electronic copies of existing resumes or to attach copies and send them to themselves in e-mails.)
• Understand the basics of Microsoft (MS) Word 2007.

Intro to Word

Students will ... 
• Understand the basics of Microsoft (MS) Word 2016.
• Practice their new skills, including selecting, modifying text, cutting and pasting, opening, and saving a document.
• Understand there are multiple ways of completing a particular task in MS Word.

Advanced Microsoft Word

Students will...
• Create charts, graphs, and tables
• Learn how to use wordart, smartart, and shapes
• Create borders, watermarks, and backgrounds
• Learn how to insert page numbers, word counts, and manipulate margins