Kid's Summer Reading Program


FREE Student Rides to the Gainesville Library May 22nd through August 31st. Click here to print the request for a FREE RIDE sticker for your library card.

Summer Reading Program Q & A

How does the program work?

Just bring your child, ages 0 months to rising 5th grade, to any Hall County Library branch to sign up starting May 22nd. (Teens and Adults have their own programs). Set a reading goal then visit the library at least four times by July 28th to earn the summer reading prize.

Does my child have to be there to have their log checked?

Yes! Summer Reading Program is about reading, checking-out materials and having fun at our libraries!  The four visits include the initial sign-up visit and final visit for the SRP prize. 

What are the reading goals?

At HCLS we understand every family has different reading goals for their children. We also want to support specific goals set by schools for summer reading.  Each child will set a goal of how many books (for the younger children) or how many hours (kids on chapter books) they would like to read this summer.

HCLS follows the recommended guidelines that children should read or be read to for 15-20 minutes every day.  A good goal suggestion is 50 books (pre-readers/EZ Readers) and 10 hours (chapter readers). You are welcome to set higher or lower goals.

What programs do you have?

We are offering a huge variety of programs this summer for all ages.  All branches will have five weekly 45-60 minute performances from puppets, music, reptiles, and more!  We will also have a craft week July 3rd and a STEAM week July 18th. We will also have story times, family fun nights, day time special programs, and more.  Just this page, the calendar of events, and youth special events page for more information. All programs at HCLS are 100% free and open to the public.  

Do you have an online summer reading program this year?

Yes! If you will not be in Hall County a lot this summer and are a Hall County resident join our virtual program!

My kid's school is doing a reading program, can I do both?

Absolutely! When you read for a school reading program or another various program feel free to also write that time/books on Hall County Library System's log as well.  We need our Hall County kids engaged in as many reading activities as possible.

Why is Summer Reading so important?

Numerous studies show children and teens who participate in their local library's summer reading program are less likely to lose the information/skills they learned during the school year (aka the summer slide), are ready for the next academic year, perform better on academic tests, and have lots of fun!

What are the prizes this year?

All prizes HCLS is through generous donations from our Friends of the Library and local business.  Children who complete the program will get a cloth reading bag, new fisbee, a visit to Skate Country and various coupons and prizes.  All prizes are first come and first serve and based on donation sizes. At HCLS we have done a lot of research and have found the best motivation for children to read is praise, fun programs, solid book choices, and long lasting awards.  The largest reward children get from reading is forming a true love of the activity.