Professional Activities

Approved by:
Board of Trustees

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All personnel are encouraged to participate and establish membership in the activities of library professional organizations. A maximum of $150.00 for each certified library professional may be paid by the library system for professional memberships if budgeted for this purpose.

Within budgetary and personnel schedule limitations, staff members may receive professional leave time and reimbursement for all or part of the employee's expenses to attend meetings of library professional organizations or workshop training. Attendance must be pre-approved by the library director.

The library director will be granted a maximum of 10 professional leave days annually to attend meetings not required by the Georgia Office of Public Library Services. Any days in excess of ten must be pre-approved by the Board Chairman.

Other certified library professionals will be granted a maximum of 6 professional leave days annually. Days in excess of six may be granted upon approval of the library director.

Salaried employees are exempted from the overtime provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act. Compensatory time is not granted.

All professional leave time and anticipated reimbursement compensation shall be pre-approved by the library director.